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GPSSA: The Law obliges the employers to provide the EOS file for insured within one month of service end

10 July 2019

The General Pension and Social Security Authority instructed the private and public employers to provide the Authority with the End of Service files of each insured within one month of his/her service end, noting that the employer is obliged for the same in order to settle all pension rights with the GPSSA in accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Pension Law No. 7 of 1999 as amended...... Read More

The Cabinet

3 July 2019

H.E. Mohammed Saif Al Hamli, GPSSA Acting Director General said that the Cabinet’s Resolution approving the Benefit Transfer System between different pension funds in the UAE reflects the keenness of the Government to continuously serve and satisfy the Emiratis and simplify what they need in all affairs relate to their career and life lines, whereas the system contributes to facilitate the movement of national expertise and qualifications between employers and pension funds in the UAE which at last benefiting the nation and citizens alike...... Read More

GPSSA Registering Gulf Citizens Working in the Governmental and Private Sectors and Baring their Shares in Contribution is Mandatory

30 June 2019

The General Pension & Social Security Authority has invited the governmental and private sectors’ employers to abide by registering Gulf citizens working in the governmental and private sectors and baring their shares in contribution. In this respect, the Authority noted that, pursuant to the Decision issued by the Gulf Cooperation Supreme Council in its twenty-fifth session held in the Kingdom of Bahrain back in December 2004, registering citizens and baring their shares in contributions is mandatory, as this decision has stipulated that each country shall secure providing its expatriate citizens, being settled in other Gulf Cooperation Council countries and working in the public and private sectors, with security protection and that, as these persons are subject to the provisions stipulated by the Pension Laws in force in their countries. ..... Read More

GPSSA: Government’s Insured Pension Contributions Are Determined Pursuant to the Actual  Monthly Salary While the Private Sector’s Insured Pension Contributions Determined As Per the Salary Paid in January

24 June 2019

The General Pension & Social Security Authority has asserted that the subscriptions paid in terms of the governmental sector shall be determined based upon the actual monthly salary, whereas the shares in subscriptions settled by the employer in the private sector, as well as those deducted from the salaries of its insured employees shall be determined based upon the salaries paid in their favor in January of every year without, however, taking into account any increase in terms of the salary throughout the year, unless such increase was retroactively effective as of the month of January of the same month...... Read More

GPSSA: Employers’ knowledge of registration and monthly contributions rules exempts them from penalties and additional amounts

11 June 2019

The General Pension & Social Security Authority has asserted that the employers’ knowledge of registration rules and bearing the monthly shares in contributions on behalf of the insured exempts them from having penalties and additional amounts imposed on them due to violating any registration rule or settlement of such contribution. The Authority has also noted that the insured shall be aware of its monthly share in contributions and the basis for its deduction and that, as it would be illogical for the insured to settle their shares in contributions while not being aware of their legal basis or the calculation method adopted for their settlement. ..... Read More

GPSSA: The authority is currently looking into not linking the age to the service period with respect to being entitled to a pension salary in the event of a resignation

21 May 2019

The General Pension & Social Security Authority has asserted that the Federal Law Draft on Pension and Social Security, that is currently being discussed with the competent authorities, includes addressing linking the age to the service period as one of the terms and conditions to be met in order to be entitled to a pension salary...... Read More

GPSSA: “Partners in Responsibility” invites the insured to verify the monthly deducted amounts due on their behalf in favor of the Authority

20 May 2019

“Partners in Responsibility”, a campaign launched by the General Pension & Social Security Authority as to raise awareness on the risks emanating from contribution evasion, invited the insured to verify the amounts deducted from their salaries by their employer and settled in favor of the Authority, whereby the private and governmental sectors’ insured bares only 5% of their share in contribution due in favor of the General Pension & Social Security Authority, including the basic salary, social allowance, cost of living allowance, and residential allowance granted for the national working in the governmental sector, and the stipulations of the employment contract for the private sector’s employee, with a ceiling of no more than 50 thousand Emirati Dirham. ..... Read More

GPSSA: For service addition, the insured must duly be employed

19 May 2019

The General Pension & Social Security Authority asserted that the Law on Pension and Social Security stipulates that, when the insured wants to add previous service periods, the insured shall be currently employed and that, given the addition cost is calculated in accordance with the contribution calculation salary at the date of submitting the addition application, and as the insured service period is listed under the insured’s due payments once their service has ended. The application must also be submitted in writing prior to the end of the service to be added...... Read More

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