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Hamdan Bin Rashid Chairs GPSSA’s Board of Directors Meeting at its 7th Session

30 July 2019

Hamdan Bin Rashid Chairs GPSSA’s Board of Directors Meeting at its 7th Session

Dubai, 24 July 2019: His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance and Chairman of GPSSA’s Board of Directors chaired the second meeting of the Board this year yesterday at His Highness Ruler’s Court in Dubai. His Highness started the meeting by congratulating the Board members for the issuance of the Cabinet’s decision to reconfigure the Board, welcoming new members who joined the Board and wishing everybody continued success in their work. The meeting proceeded to discuss its agenda, approving the minutes of its previous meeting, electing a Vice-Chairman and reconfiguring its committees, namely: The Executive Committee, The Investment Committee, The Audit and Risks Committee and The Higher Committee for Human Resources and Benefits. Then, the Board reviewed the steps taken by GPSSA’s management to implement the decisions and recommendations of its previous meeting, adopted the decisions and recommendations of the Executive Committee and the Investment Committee and approved GPSSA’s closing financial statements for 2018 and discussed and took suitable decisions regarding the rest of its agenda’s items.  It should be noted that the number of GPSSA’s subscribers as of last June is 94,934 subscribers of Emiratis working at both the public and private sector in comparison to 92,550 subscribers for the same period of last year. The number of pensioners is 16,132, and beneficiaries 6,969 in comparison to 15,714 pensioner and 6,978 beneficiaries for the same period of last year. GPSSA also manages the files of 1,683 pensioner and 4,364 beneficiaries from the civil sector and 6,147 pensioner and 4,717 beneficiaries from the military sector whose pensions are paid by the Ministry of Finance, in comparison to 1,730/ 4,602/ 5,792/ 4,142, respectively, for the same period of last year. 

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