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GPSSA calls the employers to verify the submitted data to reserve the rights of insured

30 July 2019

GPSSA calls the employers to verify the submitted data to reserve the rights of insured

23 visits in the Q1-2019 and 74 visits and 600 smart inspection in 2018 

Abu Dhabi, 30 July 2019: The GPSSA calls private and public employer to verify the submitted data upon the end of service to save the financial dues of the insured, stressing that Pension Law must be strictly followed regarding the registration and orientation of the insured, payment of contributions once due and raising their awareness upon end of service. 

Also, GPSSA commented that its Department of Inspection carried out 23 visits in the Q1-2019, and 74 visits during the past year and used electronic communication in 600 smart inspections focused on raising awareness of employers to complete registration and subscription procedures for the insured.

 GPSSA confirmed its coordination with MOHRE to monitor the process of registration and subscription for the insured working in the private sector, since the Ministry instructs all employers to register the insured before completing the appointment procedures, which contributes to save their rights including them directly under the umbrella of the GPSSA and cover them against all potential work risks.

 Moreover, GPSSA explained that the number of insured registered through the Q1 inspection was 37 as well as settling 318 cases with the employers by providing support to complete registration and subscription procedures or paying contributions or fines against violation of the Law in respect of registration and subscription of the insured.

The GPSSA said a number of employers are under surveillance due to their failure to implement some of the Pensions Law’s provisions in registering and paying the subscription of their Emirati workers in order to protect their rights in the future as well as GPSSA’s interests. At the end, GPSSA noted that it is relying on the awareness of citizens in all their positions to ensure that the employer has registered them with GPSSA for the purpose of covering them under the Pension and Social Security Law in protection of his and his family’s rights.

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