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“GPSSA” Advises Insured Persons to Adopt Positive Practices During their Employment

9 September 2019

“GPSSA” Advises Insured Persons to Adopt Positive Practices During their Employment

Ajman Society hosts Mobile Pension Council

Abu Dhabi, Aug 27th, 2019: As part of GPSSA’s initiative, the “Mobile Pensions Council”, and in cooperation with Ajman Society of Social & Cultural Development, GPSSA conducted a dialog session at Ajman’s headquarters as part of the community councils organized by Ajman. The session was attended by Mona Saqer Al Matroushi, Ajman’s General Manager, retired Colonel Faraj Ismael, Chairman of Emirates Association for Retired Citizens and Mohammad Saqer Al Hammadi, Manager of Customer Happiness Center at GPSSA.

On this occasion, Mona Al Matroushi stated that Ajman, assisted by its social and cultural role, has founded this opportunity with GPSSA in order to promote opinions and ideas sharing with retired citizens and listen to their suggestions and the challenges faced by them, helping GPSSA launch initiatives that promote retired citizen’s active presence in community activities.

Faraj Ismael said that Ajman was eager to conduct this meeting to elevate the public’s awareness of GPSSA’s role, activities and updates. He noted that this is important because GPSSA wishes to help provide practical models for combating rumors that spread among retired citizens from time to time. He stated that retired citizens have an important role to play by seeking information from its primary sources and that is why Ajman was eager to operationalize this initiative alongside GPSSA.

Mohammad Saqer Al Hammadi stated that the Pension Law emphasized interdependence between the Fund’s subscribers. He noted that this Fund is a fund for current and future generations and that the Law establishes a secure system of insurance protection for the insured in his life and for retired citizens and their families post-retirement.

According to Al Hammadi, the Law includes many services that promotes the insured’s career and all current employees must familiarize themselves with the Law in order utilize these services to their benefit and the benefit of their families on the short or long run. Those planning to change jobs can learn about joining service periods and the conditions pertaining to that in order to strengthen their chance for pension in the future. They can also learn about the purchase of service years if they wish to retire thus increasing their pension when retired.

Al Hammadi has also advised insured citizens to adopt positive practices during their employment, most importantly, saving. He stated that pension is different from the insured’s total salary during his employment; pension is calculated based on the average of the subscribed salary in addition to the percentage prescribed under the Law upon retirement according to the service years.

Al Hammadi stated that pension is not a means but an end and therefore all state institutions and societies of significant relevance in the society should promote the work culture and maintenance of employment. On the one hand, maintenance of employment supports the state’s efforts to achieve its development goals of which citizens are considered a key pillar. On the other, maintenance of employment guarantees that insured citizens receive all benefits available to them during their employment as well as the best insurance benefits after retiring.

Al Hammadi advised insured citizens not to take pension-related decisions without consulting the family as such decisions reflect on the entire family because pension covers the insured during his life and his family after his death. As such, making such decision individually may harm the family’s future and contradict the State’s comprehensive vision that aims to provide protection for both the insured and his family in the future.

One of the participants commended the role played by women in the society and said that women should view their role in the community as part of the giving they should pay back to the State for the care in which they were included all their lives. She also wished for this role not to cease upon retirement and said that women need further incentives to bring them back to work and that many countries adopt practices that promote this approach.

She added that young people should view private jobs in a positive light because the private sector is one of the key partners in advancing the State’s development by pumping investments in it. Furthermore, she stated that young people’s presence in the private sectors advances the State's efforts in improving the welfare of citizens through this sector, citing the State’s support of citizens working in the private sector by bearing 2.5% of their subscriptions for GPSSA.

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