Partnership Philosophy

The GPSSA believes that partnership between government or private parties provides opportunities to provide services to the public in a way fulfilling the aspirations of the UAE government to be one of the best governments in providing services worldwide.

The government orientation in providing services during the last period witnessed a major shift towards focusing on proactive services of a personal nature to the customer, in addition to supporting digital services by enhancing connection and integration between government parties to provide services that depend on direct interaction between government parties. Those parties that do not adopt the concept of partnership will remain absent from this orientation, unless they raise the level of partnership with other parties that can support and enhance their capabilities in this aspect

Each institution in the state has specialized roles and duties to serve the public. Therefore, the cooperation of these institutions, through the exchange of expertise and specialized data therewith through daily transactions and nature of their work, will save the other party a lot of time to collect, classify, and exploit such data in its operational processes to serve customers.

Objectives of Partnership
  • Achieve the general and strategic objectives of the GPSSA
  • Strengthen the GPSSA's role in serving the community and its institutions
  • Ensuring the provision of the best services to the public
  • Support the role of parties and institutions in implementing public and private projects and plans
  • Apply the best practices and standards in that field of work
  • Save time and reduce effort for both employees and customers
  • Achieve government requirements in the service provision

Types of Partnerships

1- Strategic Partners
These types of partners are related to achieving the GPSSA's strategic and general objectives, which often fulfill the government requirements necessary for providing services, improving the quality of internal operational processes at the GPSSA's level, enhancing the GPSSA's role in the service of community, or raising awareness of the GPSSA's activities and its daily or annual developments.

2- Operating Partners
This category of partners is related to providing direct services to the GPSSA, which contribute to achieving the GPSSA's objectives at internal and external levels.

Forms of Partnerships
  • With Strategic Partner :- The forms, types, and mechanisms of partnership vary according to the categories that fall under the partner's name, each according to the nature of work and specialization. These partnerships take different forms of cooperation, some in the form of agreements, MoUs, electronic linkage services, service provision, service level agreement, or joint initiatives.
  • With Operating Partner :- The partnerships with this partner take the form of contracts, labor supply, outsourcing for the provision of staff to the GPSSA, and other activities more related to administrative duties.

Examples of Services Provided in Cooperation with Partners

1- Service of Proactive Data Update
This service was developed within the initiatives of virtual management of proactive services at the Ministry of "Possibilities", including the update of the deaths retirees, marriages, and divorces for eligible widows and unmarried categories. This proactive service comes from the efforts and sustainable facilitation plans made by government parties to find innovative solutions to challenges and to develop and provide pre-demand services, to fulfill the aspirations of all groups and members of the society.

Entities involved in completing the service with the GPSSA
  • Ministry of "Possibilities"
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Health and Community Protection
  • Dubai Courts
  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
  • Ras Al Khaimah Courts
  • Abu Dhabi Department of Health

2- Fazaa Card
In cooperation with the Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Interior, the GPSSA announced an initiative to provide a "Fazaa" card for eligible civilian retirees of the GPSSA and military personnel of the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the International Day of Happiness on March 20th, 2019. Under this agreement, the GPSSA provided a "Fazaa" Discount Card at its branches, from April 1st, 2019.

3- Benefit Exchange System
In accordance with the Cabinet's resolution, a benefit exchange system between the pension funds operating in the state was adopted, to facilitate the transfer of employees between all work sectors and consider their service periods as a connected sector. One of the most prominent partners contributing to the implementation and success of this project was Abu Dhabi Pension Fund

Most Prominent Results of Some Agreements

 Sheikh Zayed Housing Program 2015

Under an agreement with Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, the GPSSA opened customer happiness centers at the program headquarters in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

 Insurance Authority 2016

An agreement that allows the exchange of data with the Insurance Authority, to support its strategic vision in the field of Emiratization through the provision of an accurate database on male and female citizens working in the sector and registered with the GPSSA, to define the Insurance Authority's priorities to support its efforts in localizing this sector.

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship 2017 

An agreement for electronic linkage and exchanging of data and information that serves the nature of the work of both bodies, and the adoption of the identity card as a main source to support the electronic and smart services provided by both parties.

Abu Dhabi Police 2017

An agreement for activating electronic linkage, exchange of information and data, and facilitating the use of services and capabilities of both parties, in a manner ensuring the provision of quality social services to eligible retirees of the GPSSA.

Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Interior (Fazaa) 2019 

An initiative to provide a "Fazaa" Card to the eligible civilian retirees of the GPSSA, as well as to GPSSA's employees

Forms of cooperation between the GPSSA and some parties of the state
Data exchange agreements with the following entities
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ajman Government
  • Dubai Economic Council
  • Ministry of Labor
  • Federal Demographics Council
  • Department of Municipal Affairs
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters
Electronic linkage and data exchange
  • National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority "TANMIA"
  • Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Insurance Authority
Memorandum of Understanding
  • Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Interior
  • Public Institution for Social Security in Kuwait
Sheikh Zayed Housing ProgramProvision of services
Municipality Centers Department - General Support Sector at Dubai MunicipalityService Level Agreement
Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory AuthorityInstitutional Connection/Computer Emergency Response Team
Smart Dubai Government EstablishmentDigital Identity Support Services Agreement
Abu Dhabi Housing AuthorityEnhance and support cooperation for the housing of citizens