1. FAQ
    1. Should a retired person returned to work in the state, what is status of his pension and may he combine his pension and work salary?
        • A retired person may contribute to the Authority again if his new job is in the Authority.
        • Pension payment shall be discontinued if work salary is equal or more than pension amount whether the return to work was with an entity associate to the Authority or other pensions fund in the state.
        • While if the work salary is less than pension amount, it shall be paid from pension within the limits of the difference between it and the salary.

        Note: If a person, retired due to total disability or non-fitness for work, returned to work, then his pension shall be cancelled.​​​

    2. Can the retired person return to work in an entity associate to the Authority and be paid, upon service end, based upon the previous and subsequent service periods?
      1. Yes, he can add his previous service period, to which he received pension, to his new service period according to the following conditions:

        • Submit addition application within one year from the date in which he returned to work.
        • His age shall not be more than 55 years upon returning to work.
        • The period, which may be added, includes actual service period and nominal service period purchased.
        • Service period shall be added in full other than in part.
        • Pension payment shall be discontinued as from the date of returning to work excluding these who may combine their pensions and salaries. (See Question 58).
        • Payment of purchase cost at the rate of 20% x the difference between Pension Calculation Salary and Contribution Calculation Salary on the date of purchase application x the service period added in months.
        • Addition cost shall be paid in one lot or on installments not less than quarter of Contribution Calculation Salary provided that the installment period shall not extend beyond the date of the insured service end or the date in which the insured shall become 60 years old, whichever comes earlier.
        • Previous service period, to which the insured received his pension shall be added without addition cost if Contribution Calculation Salary, in the date of submitting addition application, is equal or less than the rate of the previous pension.​​
    3. What are the procedures taken by the Authority in relation to newly retired persons to avoid delayed payment of their pension?
      1. The Authority pays monthly advance equal to payable pension for 3 months until pension is finally settled after having finished such documents and papers required in this regard.

        A pensioner requests payment of advance through the employer.​

    4. What is the minimum rate of retirement pension to be paid by the Authority?
      1. AED 10.000 to be paid monthly as from 01/01/2012.​
    5. When does the retirement pension decrease or increase?
      1. Basically, retirement pension does not decrease; because when any heir becomes ineligible for his/her pension share, the pension is redistributed, unless, for instance, the only eligible is a dead widow or a single dead son then the right in pension stops.

        Pension increases when, for instance, a girl is married when her father or mother died; therefore, she becomes ineligible for pension. However, if she, after a long or short period, is divorced after the death incident, then her pension share is renewed from GPSSA treasury without reducing any of the others’ pension shares. 

        The same shall apply if the daughter/sister/mother is divorced or widowed, or if the son or brother becomes unable to earn a living after the pensioner’s death, provided that any of them does not have a salary or a pension.
    6. How is the retirement pension divided among widows and children?
      1. The pension is distributed as detailed in schedule (3) annexed to the Pension Law. If the pension is for widows and children (male and female) only, it shall be distributed as follows:

        - Widow (s) + One child or more
            3/8                  5/8 (divided equally, if many)

        - Widow (widows + children + parents + brothers)
                          3/8             3/8           1/8           1/8

        - Widow (s) + children + parents                   
              1/8               4/8          3/8

        - Widow (s) + children + brothers
              1/8               4/8          3/8

        - Widow (s) + One child or more
             3/8                         5/8
    7. On which basis shall pensions be distributed, legislation or what?
      1. The pension shall be distributed according to a special schedule (3) annexed to the Pensions Law, not according to the provisions of the Islamic Shari’s, as the pension is not considered a legacy.
    8. Are there any exceptions, which allow the retired person or beneficiary to combine his pensions and work salary unlimitedly?
        • If the retired person has retired from an official job for 25 years or more (provided that his service shall have not been subject to termination due to dismissal or removal or under a disciplinary action or court judgment)
        • A widow may combine her share in her husband pension and her work salary or pension in her personal capacity.​
    9. What are the consequences of deprivation or withdrawal of nationality from the insured or pensioner?
      1. Deprivation from pension throughout the life of the pensioner.​
    10. What is the maximum limit of pension?
      1. Maximum limit of pension is 100% of Pension Calculation Salary and it becomes payable after 35 years.​
    11. If a retired person returned to work with an entity associate to the Authority reinstated his contribution, may he be given retirement pension for the subsequent service period?
      1. Yes, he may be given another pension if relevant entitlement requirements were met but he may not combine two pensions and shall be paid the pension with the larger amount. ​
    12. When does pension become payable?
      1. Pension becomes payable on the next day of service termination.​
    13. What are the provisions of law applicable if a national is eligible to his pension from Abu Dhabi Pension Fund and then he went to work with an entity, which is associate to the Authority and obtained another pension?
      1. The pensions may be combined and vice versa.
    14. I became 47 years old and served for 20 years, am I entitled to a pension directly after submitting my resignation?
      1. Starting from 28/2/2017, the persons entitled to pension upon resignation are those who reached (50) years old with (20) years of service. If the person resigned while he/she was below that age and served for (20) years, the pension shall not be disbursed until reaching the required age. ​
    15. Are there any other benefits entitled to the retired employee in relation to pension and gratuity if the insured service period exceeded 35 years?
      1. In this case, the insured shall be entitled to death grant for (AED 60.000) if his service was terminated due to natural death, to be allocated to his legal heirs.​
    16. What is the minimum rate of retirement pension to be paid by the Authority?
      1. AED 10.000 to be paid monthly as from 01/01/2012.
    17. What does the allocated pension mean?
      1. ​It means the pension that the individual is entitled to, known also as eligible or designated pension from a certain date. ​

    18. What is my benefit, in terms of insurance, from increasing my service period?
      1. The longer the service period, the higher retirement pension you get, it may reach 100% of the pension salary after a period of (35) years of service. If the service period is longer, the extra period will be compensated by a salary of (3) months for each year, in addition to the retirement pension.​