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Happiness at the General Pension and Social Security Authority

Minister of State for Happiness was established in 2016 in the United Arab Emirates which oversees the UAE plans, programs and policies to achieve a happier society. In line with the government initiative, GPSSA was keen to promote the culture of Happiness and positivity to be part of GPSSA’s internal environment. 

The Happiness team launched several internal and external initiatives reflecting the performance of its employees towards the pensioners and the targeted audience. 

A glimpse of GPSSA’s happiness initiatives: 

'Thank you' Initiative

Thanking someone with an expressive sentence can be more valuable than a reward. Based on this concept, the Happiness Team in the General Pensions & Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has launched Thank You Initiative. Throughout this initiative, all department directors shall nominate a distinguished and cooperative employee from other department as an appreciation of his/her efforts and contributions. A Thank you engraved trophy was given to the honored employee. 

Happiness Forum

Enhancing the spirit of happiness and positivity within  employees contributes in transforming the work environment into a more attractive and productive environment. It also strengthens the bonds of cooperation and confidence amongst employees. In this respect, GPSSA has organized this year the Happiness Forum for all Employees.  


The Happiness team was keen to introduce and establish the concept of happiness in the work environment through coordinating several competitions to enhance the level of competition and happiness amongst employees.

Happiness Brochures

Everyone of us needs from time to time to be reminded that his/ her goals and objectives in this life, are meant in its core to bring happiness to ourselves and others. Therefore, the happiness team was keen to evoke the best words and meanings that shall help the employees to re-crystallize the course of their lives and the way of controlling it throughout distributing Happiness brochures.

Positive Words

The environment in which the employee works, contributes to a great extent in creating a difference in the level of business performance, which in its turn is reflected on his/ her focus, decisions and daily activities. The more we can make this environment supportive and stimulating, the more we can gain a better performance, deeper concentration, more logical and correct decisions. The happiness team was highly attentive to create an atmosphere of costiveness, happiness by having a 3D keywords and phrases at the entrances of the departments and sections . 

Stairs Happiness Stickers

Practicing sport is directly connected to Happiness. It releases the negative energy and helps improving the general health of the body. A healthy human being should make the exercise a daily habit of his/her in order control the level of happiness in his/ her life .The happiness team was highly keen to create a method of indirect stimulation in order to motivate the employees to exercise by sticking posters on the stairs of the building.

Parking Advertisements

Parking is the first place that we enter to reach the General Pension & Social Security Authority (GPSSA) as well as being the last place we leave. So it was no coincidence that we posted words of optimism, happiness and other positive values in order to deliver happiness messages to all employees.

Parking lots for Customers

The happiness team has allocated parking lots for customers directly in front of the main entrance so that the customer will not waste his/ her time and effort in searching for a parking especially with their limited availability. The happy faces posters were hanged around the place to give the customer a positive first impression when entering GPSSA’s HQ.

Distribution of 'Reflections on Happiness & Positivity' Book

The life experience of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai and his personal view of happiness and positivity and the way to achieve them in our lives is a true experience that deserves to be introduced and advised to everyone. Therefore, we were keen to provide and distribute a copy of the book to each employee in order to take advantage of the lessons and the reflections embedded in it. The distribution of the book came in conjunction with World Happiness Day.

Dark Chocolate Distribution 

Dark chocolate is famously linked to Happiness. It is considered nutritious as it contains Potassium, Iron and Magnesium and sedative substance since it has serotonin which reduces tension and improves the mood. Happiness team distributed boxes of dark chocolate to all employees to express our pride and recognition for their continuous remarkable efforts. 

Cupcake distribution on UAE Women's Day

The celebration of UAE Women's Day on August 28th of each year marks appreciation for the contribution of every Emirati women. All women are well known for their remarkable capabilities as a mother, educator, leader….which made her a role model in giving and fulfilling. The General Pension & Social Security Authority (GPSSA) distributed ‘cupcakes’ decorated with the GPSSA’s official logo to celebrate the UAE Women's Day. 

International Happiness Day 2018

GPSSA distributed flowers, ice cream and gifts to the employees in order to make them happy and joyful, which was warmly welcomed by the staff who expressed their appreciation towards the GPSSA's eagerness to utilize all occasions to add happiness and special atmosphere to the workplace. 



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