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Innovation at the General Pension and Social Security Authority


The National Innovation Strategy (NIS) aims to take innovation on the UAE to new heights, were a culture of innovation is embedded amongst individuals. In 2015 GPSSA ascertained to include "spreading the innovation culture' as a strategic objective within the Authority's strategic plan.

GPSSA ensures to build a supportive environment for innovation by providing the relevant infrastructure such as Human resources, electronic and intelligent systems and the use of modern innovation tools in the daily activities, which enhances innovation in services development and customer happiness. 

Innovation Strategy

Strategic Objective

To establish the concept of innovation as a component of the corporate work environment

Strategic Initiatives 

GPSSA adopts a number of initiatives internally to help in achieving the set strategic objectives, as follows:

  • Adopting the latest innovation tools within the organization: Providing innovative tools and methods to be used in the daily activities of employees, such as brainstorming sessions, innovation labs, innovation toolkit, providing supporting evidence from Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation.
  • Building the employees’ capabilities: This  initiative aims to rehabilitate and develop employees capabilities in terms of  innovation while providing training on various innovation tools, in order to support the development of services and employees performance in GPSSA 
  • Improving processes to enhance innovation: Using innovation as a tool to develop services and operations, encourage leadership meetings with staff to share their thoughts and suggestions This initiative also supports the implementation of innovative projects with internal or external entities to develop services and enhance the customers’ happiness.

Innovation Logo

A customized logo was designed for innovation initiatives at GPSSA, as a reflection to the senior management's support to these initiatives. The logo represents the collaboration between the different teams working in GPSSA to enable the innovation culture as a main component of GPSSA's working environment.

Innovation Forum 

Promoting mental health is related to developing self-capacities and utilizing individual skills before and after retirement periods. The usage of these abilities in the correct manner is the suitable path to accomplish the targets of these two periods effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the GPSSA organized the "Retirement and Promoting Mental Health Skills" conference, which included many aspects such as the innovation and successful planning for the post-retirement period. The session held under the slogan: "innovate to make your retirement the best experience" at the Government Accelerators headquarter in Dubai Emirates Towers in coordination with Emirates Society of Mental Health (ESMH) on 7 April 2018.  



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