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Mariam Al Meri


Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Business Administration from United Arab Emirates University (1888). 

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Trainer in the Institute of Administrative Development (1987 - 1989).
  • Professor in the United Arab Emirates University (1989 - 1992).
  • Head of the Recruitment Department at the Ministry of Health (1992 - 2006).
  • Deputy Director of Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Health (2006 - 2009).
  • Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Health (2009 - 2011). 
  • Project Manager at the Department of Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Health (2011 - 2013). 
  • Human Resources Consultant at the Office of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health (2013 - 2015). 

Major Achievements

  • Participating in the development of the administrative structures at the Ministry of Health and presenting proposals for career ladders for all posts. 
  • Managing human resources at the Ministry of Health efficiently and effectively. 
  • Completing the job description projects for all medical job levels at the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the relevant teams. 
  • Completing the electronic archiving project of more than 10,000 files of the Ministry of Health employees. 

Key Challenges

Working in the field of Human Resources is a challenge and an achievement at the same time. As this job is directly linked to the human resources, it needs both human feelings and power and efficiency to balance the decisions between being firm and flexible. It also requires a lot of follow-up, examination and accuracy.

Life Changing Event

Some family circumstances changed the orientation of my professional life from training in the Institute of Administrative Development or teaching at the university to working in the field of administration and human resources at the Ministry of Health.

Success Secrets
  • Balance between strictness and sympathy in decisions related to human resources.
  • Continuous update and follow-up on matters related to this field. 
  • Implementation of the government laws on the human resources procedures when appropriate in the technical fields at the Ministry of Health.
  • The way of dealing with people from different cultures and levels and being calm when dealing with difficult people. 
  • Tips for the Young Generation:
  • Continuous update and follow-up on all matters related to human resources. 
  • Creativity and development of work.  
  • Coordination with the team to complete work efficiently and effectively on time. 
  • Creation of a cooperative and healthy work environment with no place for personal disputes. 

Tips to Retirees

  • Consider retirement days as a holiday for relaxation and an opportunity for positive change of the daily work routine. 
  • Start learning something new, a specific major or a new language. 
  • Volunteer or participate in charity. 
  • Maintain good physical and mental health by joining a gym or going to the beach.  
  • Socialize with friends and enhance family relationships. 
  • Travel and discover different cultures. 


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