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Mohammad Abdullah Al Marzouqi

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Education and Psychology- UAE University (1987-1988)

Professional Profile and Experience

I have worked for several departments of Dubai Health Authority where I gained a variety of experiences according to nature of the tasks that have been assigned to me at different departments including: 
  • Transportation: My first move in the work environment was at the department of transportation where I have co-developed an integrated system for transportation management in order to reduce waste, save time, improve operationality and ensure efficient transportation operations.  
  • Housing: Although certain jobs seem to have a small scale, but they have an increasingly vital role in the work environment, which makes it the best and makes the jobholder the most important person. This is what I have done when I was an officer at the department. The secret behind my success in this area was the creation of a system and people's satisfaction with such system. From my experience; I knew that stable living conditions can lead to professional achievement and this is what I have been concerned with.     
  • Conferences and Events Organization: This move was a paradigm shift in my career. I have worked with the DHA team under my mentor Mr. Abdullah bin Sawaqat to organize many successful conferences and events. During my journey, I have established more relationships and gained experiences that helped me later to open my private venture after retirement.
Key Challenges

The first and most important challenge I had to face is to get a job after graduation. In some institutions, we might find a sign saying "No vacancies for college graduates". My first job was a taxi driver; then I moved to the distribution of magazines. During such periods, I have gained much experience so that I could obtain my first governmental position as a data entry at Al Wasl Hospital of Dubai Health Authority. Then, I started my career in the government offices where I worked for 25 years.    
Achievements that make you proud

While I was working at the hospital, PR employees came up with an idea to publish a health education magazine for patients. We all were excited about this idea and launched the magazine under the name of "Al Wasl Magazine" with contributions from all hospital staff. The magazine became highly professional and popular. We lost our enthusiasm for the magazine only when it was given to a private sector company for supervision. 

What should we do if we want to be successful? 

It is important to have no cap on our ambitions and avoid the clash with our subordinates. We should give advice in a practical and smart way to avoid consequences that may affect our relationship with them. We should take into consideration that we are serving our country and we will spare no effort to make it a dominant country. We should leave our signature on the workplace through the method of performance until subordinate knows that this is our way to do tasks and this is our signature. We should avoid flattery because it may be bad for our colleagues and make them enemies to us on the ground of their prejudiced rights.   

Unforgettable situations

What excites me about work is the ability to coordinate and cooperate with others. This is what I have personally experienced during my work in the governmental offices whether in Dubai or other emirates. I can recall when Dubai hosted an international medical conference and how Dubai Tourism Authority and Dubai World Trade Center cooperated with us to host the conference although we had little chances to have this conference. I also remember when the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi joined efforts to host a conference where Dubai saw that its chances to be the host are little and supported Abu Dhabi bid. Thanks to this cooperation, Abu Dhabi hosted the conference and this cooperation became an exciting moment for all who live such situations.       

Tips for future generations

They should not be ashamed of any work. Life will not always give you the keys all at once. You should take one step forward and move gradually and one day you will be there if you are a hard worker… But it is important to start. 

Tips for Pensioners

I believe that this private sector has very few national investors even though the state provides many facilities that made it an ample sector. I would like to seize this opportunity to drive the attention of male and female pensioners to invest in this sector as a part of early planning for retirement given the great support provided by our wise government for citizens and others in this sector.   


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