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GPSSA: Social Insurance coverage to cover old-age risks, disability, death, work-related injuries, and occupational illness

14 June 2021

GPSSA: Social Insurance coverage to cover old-age risks, disability, death, work-related injuries, and occupational illness

Abu Dhabi, June 14, 2021:  The General Pensions and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) stated that the social insurance coverage extends the social insurance to cover work-related injuries and occupational illness besides the risks of old age, disability, and death in case the insured is exposed, during work, to any disease or injury that might cause him/her permanent total or partial disablement. GPSSA indicated that these injuries are covered by social insurance. Thus, if the insured suffered such diseases and hampered his/her ability to work, s/he shall be retired and shall receive the retirement pension according to the service termination clause in line with the controls and provisions.

 The Authority explained that the Law acknowledged the insured's entitlement to a pension due to retirement for medical unfitness if his/her employment is terminated due to total disability that permanently prevents him/her from exercising any gainful profession or work, or his/her employment has been terminated due to medical unfitness for any other reason, such as suffering from any occupational disease.

The Authority indicated that these cases shall be certified by the competent medical committee in charge of pensions. Such a committee's decision shall be prior to the insured's date of employment termination. The disability shall be certified during the coverage period of the insured by the provisions of the Federal Law No. (7) of 1999 on Pensions and Social Security and its amendments. The insured shall not also be incapacitated before employment and registration with the Authority unless his/her health condition is further deteriorated by this disability, which led to the termination of his/her employment and that was certified by the committee's decision.

 The Authority indicated that occupational illness is the illness sustained in an extensive manner by the persons working in one or more occupations only. The Federal Law No. (8) of 1980 specified the nature of these diseases and regulated the employment relationship between the employee and his/her employer. The extent of disability caused by the occupational illness shall be assessed with the knowledge of the pertinent medical committee. The illness shall be deemed occupational should the insured contract same during the practice of the profession or within one year from his/her leaving work.

The Authority pointed out that work-related injury means the injury caused by an accident occurring during or because of the work, or accident occurring to the insured during his commute from and to work, or the occupational illness resulting from the nature of resources used at work, or death resulting from stress or exhaustion due to work.

 The Law defined partial disability as every disability affecting in a permanent manner the ability of the insured to work in his/her original profession or make a living in general and resulting from a work-related injury. Such disability shall be noted in a decision by the competent medical committee after the settlement of the condition.

 The total disability is every disability hindering the insured in a complete and permanent manner from practicing any profession or work to make a living, and such shall be certified by a decision of the competent medical committee after the settlement of the condition. Among such cases the complete loss of eyesight, arms, legs, one arm, and one leg, mental illnesses, chronic and incurable illnesses determined by virtue of a decision issued by the Minister of Health.

 The Authority pointed out that if the insured has tried all possible means of treatment and any case of disability applies to him/her, or if it is dully certified that s/he is having any of these occupational illnesses, s/he can then apply for medical retirement. The Authority indicated that the application shall be submitted, in the government sector, by the employer directly to the competent medical committee entrusted with proving such cases. As for the insured working in the private sector, the application shall be submitted to the GPSSA, which in turn refers it to the committee after accurately filling out all documents.

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