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GPSSA: Payment of June Pension Next Sunday

24 June 2021

GPSSA: Payment of June Pension Next Sunday

Abu Dhabi June 24, 2021: GPSSAAE announced that the pensions for June will be disbursed next Sunday, and the disbursed pensions for this month amount to (600) million, (773) thousand and (094) dirhams, compared to about ( 582) million, (692) thousand and (093) dirhams in June of last year, with an increase of (18) million dirhams. The number of beneficiaries of the disbursement is (42,078), compared to (41,312) for last June, and it includes pensions paid to civilians who are subject to the provisions of the Pensions and Social Security Law No. (7) of 1999, and civilians and military personnel whose files are managed by the Authority on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the pension laws to which they are subject.

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