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GPSSA highlights lessons learned from the evaluation sessions of the Global Star Rating System for Services

7 March 2023

 GPSSA highlights lessons learned from the evaluation sessions of the Global Star Rating System for Services

Abu Dhabi, March 7th 2023: A two-day discussion session was held at the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) to discuss internal and external assessments, projects, awards and events, with emphasis on highlighting findings and lessons learned based on the Global Star Rating System for Services evaluation.

The attendees, including directors, department heads and employees, objectively reviewed areas of strengths and weaknesses based on the evaluation results, with the aim of learning from the outputs in a constructive manner and turning those learnings into opportunities for the future. 

Sharifa Mohamed Alblooshi, Customer Happiness Department Head discussed three prominent factors that lead to the success of this year’s evaluation process, namely the employees understanding of the requirements and nature of their work, the importance of documenting information (a necessary process to continue achieving goals and working on them), team spirit effort, measuring results and focusing on continuously raising the level of quality. 

Mohamed Saqer Al Hammadi, Pension Operations Department Head, explained that the 
global star rating system not only evaluates the customer happiness centers, call centers and GPSSA’s website, but also measures the overall performance and structure of the organization and the ability of departments to work together in achieving their goals and the goals of the UAE.

GPSSA’s Government Communications Head, Dr. Maysa Rashed Ghadeer, stressed on the importance of such initiatives in enhancing the process of internal communication with employees and externally with stakeholders, explaining that the secret of success in an evaluation process lies in one’s self-confidence and level of readiness; traits that are supposed to be embodied in the culture of all employees and under any circumstance, not just while preparing for an evaluation or participating in a particular activity.

Dr. Ghadeer also highlighted on the need to study the impact of certain services and applications offered to customers, and to weigh out the advantages and disadvantage in order to conclude whether that product and/or service is useful in catering to a client’s needs, and if not, to find a more sustainable alternative.

Anas Awni, Corporate Excellence Expert, Strategy and Future Department, said that the excellence system and its concept is a shared responsibility that starts with leadership, management and passes onto all departments and employees, without differences in the nature of tasks assigned to any of them, since all roles at the end create the image that the entity aspires to reach in front of the public. Any flaw in those roles may cost the organization its reputation.

GPSSA employees agreed that one of the most important reasons behind the success of the evaluation process is the unified partnership experienced amongst them during the entire process, from the beginning until the end. This resulted in enhancing the confidence and happiness level of employees, developing plans to further improve the work environment and promote a culture of innovation and optimism.



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