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Open Data Policy

The General Pensions and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) provides the data open to the public, believing that in the principle of transparency and committing to opening up to clients to orient them with the role of the Authority and its field of work and performance through publishing the operational data with absolute transparency. In sharing such data with the public, the Authority aims to enable them to devise ideas and services that focus on the public interest and community service.

It is worth mentioning that the information provided in this page is copyrighted. However, the material contained can be downloaded, stored, displayed, printed or reprinted without any change in its basic form only for your personal, non-commercial use or within the organization in which you work (keeping this note or link in their location on the portal).

Policy Objectives

This Open Data Policy aims at clarifying the controls on using the Authority's website and data, especially the instructions regarding the following pages:

  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy


This Policy applies to the official website of the General Pensions and Social Security Authority, noting that it may be modified at any time according to work requirements or the general inclinations of the UAE E-Government.

Conditions to Reuse Open Data

  • This data is usable, reusable and may be republished by users of the website.
  • Reference should be made to the data source whenever used.
  • Data must be used as is and without any distortion or change.
  • This data shall not be used for any political purposes or in contradiction with the policy of the State and not in any manner that negatively affects its reputation.
  • Visitors to the website shall use the open data at their own risk, without any responsibility whatsoever to the General Pensions and Social Security Authority.

Our Responsibility Towards You

The Authority is obliged to publish and ensure the correctness of the data available on this page by periodically updating it, with a view to ensure that the visitors to the website do have the correct reusable information.

Data User Responsibility

The Data User is the person responsible for the reuse of this data and shall be use it in accordance with the above conditions.

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