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Chairman Statement

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum  

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) was established in 1999 for many reasons of which the most significant is providing social security for society members as it is considered one of the main pillars of nations stability. Our leadership position Emirati citizens as the cornerstone of all of the development projects that GPSSA has undergone aiming to ensure a decent life for them that conforms to their aspirations. 

One of our top priorities in GPSSA is to secure the future of UAE nationals and their families. Therefore, we attained financial sustainability through optimal investment of our resources to fulfill our commitment towards our stakeholders over the coming decades. We strived also to extend our social security umbrella to include additional segments from the society in addition to developing allies with strategic partners to support our plans.

Moreover, we are encouraging Emiratization efforts as well as developing our human capital to reinforce excellence concepts and quality practices that will reflect positively on the performance scheme of all departments and branches of GPSSA whilst developing enhanced communication mechanisms with our customers in order to increase their awareness about the importance of social security.

Despite the challenges encountered by GPSSA, like any retirement fund, the most apparent challenge is maintaining financial sustainability so that it can meet its current and future commitment towards pensioners and beneficiaries. GPSSA since its establishment succeeded in accomplishing many goals which resulted in extending the insurance umbrella to a large segment of the society including UAE nationals working in the federal government entities, public institutions, local government departments, private organizations and the self-employed as well as Gulf Cooperation Council citizens.

I urge all of the insured members, pensioners and their beneficiaries to consider GPSSA their second home and I ask GPSSA’s employees to be devoted to accomplish the entity’s vision and I simultaneously thank their faithful efforts and wishing welfare, prosperity and growth to our precious Country.


H.E. Mohamed Bin Hadi AlHussaini
Cabinet Member and Minister of State for Financial Affairs

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