General Pensions and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) is one of the main partners in enhancing the State’s efforts to providing a decent and safe life for a large segment of the UAE citizens. The last statistic of GPSSA, according to August 2021, indicates that the number of insured subscribers, according to the retirement program, amounted to (85984), while the number of retirees and beneficiaries, whether affiliated with GPSSA or individuals whose files are managed by GPSSA on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, according to data of September 2021, reached (42,876). In addition, the insurance coverage extends to Emirati citizens working outside the UAE in any of the GCC countries according to the Insurance Protection Extension Program, which reflects the great role played by GPSSA in providing a decent life for a large segment of citizens, and ensuring their well-being and stability.

Registration of UAE national employees working in GCC Countries
Registration of the UAE citizens working in the GCC countries, as the Insurance Protection Extension Program provides the UAE citizens working outside the UAE in any of the GCC countries with the opportunity to entitle insurance protection as if they are working inside the UAE, so that the insured would receive a pension or gratuity upon retirement. Payment of insurance benefits (eradication of poverty) Subscription to insurance provides a pension or a gratuity in addition to compensation in some cases, and such benefits are paid after retirement.

Registration of an insured
Registering the insured is the first step to benefit from the insurance benefits provided by GPSSA to the category of the insured, as GPSSA provides the insured with insurance protection while he/she is on the job against all natural and unnatural risks. This protection extends to his/her family, if the insured is exposed to any of the occupational injuries or diseases that prevent him/her from continuing to work.

Providing awareness workshops

The GPSSA works to raise awareness of the groups covered and subject to the provisions of the Federal Pensions Law through the service of providing awareness-raising workshops. Awareness of the benefits, privileges, rights and obligations stipulated in the Federal Pensions Law contributes to enhancing the insured’s stay in the labor market for longer periods and improving their career decisions and choices.

Employers Registration

The GPSSA works to raise awareness about the service of registering employers in GPSSA. Employers should be aware of the registration provisions, the dates of the payment of subscriptions and other relevant matters in order not to pay additional amounts resulting from the late payment. Failure to register the insured by the employer does not exempt the employer from retroactive registration and payment of subscriptions and additional amounts.

Purchase of service period

The insured can purchase a nominal service period to be added to the actual service period, and such purchase aims to improve the pension rate upon retirement.

Adding the service period
The insured can add his/her previous service period to the current service period, so that his/her service period is continuous and connected. This service is one of the options that enables the insured to collect his/her separate service periods to meet the prescribed period for obtaining the retirement pension, as it is the ultimate goal of subscribing to insurance.