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Dr. Saif Rashid Al Jaberi

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Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Art in Islamic Studies – United Arab Emirates University   (1988-1989)
  • PhD in Interpretation and Quranic Sciences – Omdurman Islamic University – Sudan (2001)

Professional profile and experience

  •  Serving in the UAE Armed Forces as assistant preacher for 12 years (1978- 1992)
  • Working in Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department – Dubai (1993).
  • General Director of Islamic Affairs Department   
  • Director of Research &Iftaa  at Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department – Dubai (1993-2015)  
  • Member of Board of Trustees of Dubai International Holy Quran Award
  • Member of Board of Trustees of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for World Peace
  • Expert member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy
  • Representative of the state in the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, Jeddah
  • Acting president of pilgrimage official mission across the UAE.


Major Achievements

  • Obtained PhD and Master's degree
  • Authored many academic publications in Sharia
  • Checked the editions of the Holy Quran and Sharia books
  • Supervised Islamic libraries of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department  
  • Supervised preaching and guiding plans as well as Friday sermons
  • Supervised Islamic missionary work and developed the mosque mission to play awareness role in the society
  • Gave many lectures and seminars at public and private entities
  • Supervised the organization of Umrah and pilgrimage missions of the emirate
  • Developed operational and strategic plans in work environment and spread culture of excellence and quality according to the approved standards


Awards and Recognitions

  • Rashid Award for Humanitarian Studies from Rashid Center for Disabled.
  • Excellent Employee Award of Dubai Government
  • Emergence of the UAE Union Medal
  • Medal of Good Service in Armed Forces 
  • Recognition for obtaining master's and PhD degrees at Culture and Science Seminar – Dubai


Top Writings

  • Names of Quran Suras… Significance and Indications
  • Selections of Imam Ibn Kathir Interpretation
  • Meanings of Quran Suras Name
  • People with Disabilities: Rights and Obligations.
  • Wife's Dowry: Sharia and Traditional Views
  • Public Benefit Corporation Role in Supporting Governmental Services
  • Peaceful Coexistence between Peoples in Islam
  • How Did Islam Face Administrative Corruption?


Social Responsibilities and Voluntary Activities

  • Member of Advisory Board at Imam Malik College for Sharia and Law – Dubai
  • Member of Arab Family Organization
  • Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center
  • Board member of Emirates Society for the Talented
  • Board member of Juveniles Awareness and Care Association – Dubai
  • Certified marriage officiant at Dubai Courts.
  • Member of Jury of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Award for Childhood Creations
  • Member of Emirates Writers Union
  • Part-time Lecturer at Canadian University
  • Part-time Friday Speaker at Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department
  • Part-time family lecturer and advisor at Marriage Fund
  • Participated in more than 100 local and international academic conferences
  • Participated in more than 150 local and international seminars
  • Gave many awareness lectures inside and outside the UAE for 30 years
  • A guest in several TV and radio interviews on different cultural, religious and social subjects in local and international media.


Challenges in Professional Career

In my opinion, the most important challenge you may face is yourself. You should neutralize your inner self to live with yourself and others in peace.


How did you see the Emiratis in two different areas?

In fact, there is no difference. The Emiratis in general have pure intuition whether they are civilians or military and therefore they are loved by others. This image has been established thanks to the Emirati national respect, modesty and ability to coexist with all nationalities from different countries around the world. This always encourages us to exert more efforts to serve our country and be loyal ambassadors for it.  

Why did you choose to work again in universities?

University is a fertile ground for giving. I have had two goals: to invest in national young minds by consolidating the mission and role of Islam in the society and to communicate the mission of Islam that overcomes differences in multi-cultural environment.  


Advice to Retirees

You should have your plan for post-retirement life enough time before the actual retirement. This would make your retirement decision easier. If you want to retire after 5 years, you should start to develop your plans now.   


What is the good prescription for a happy marriage?

A man should be satisfied that his wife is his share of this world. He should understand her nature. You cannot be such firm with your wife; you should be flexible with her. For women, I would say please take into consideration that your husband is your key to the heaven. Spouses should know that trust issues are the common reason for ending marriage while the secret of successful marriage is to make concessions.   



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