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Strategic Plan


An outstanding, Pioneer and distinguished Pensions System in accordance with the best international retirement practices.


Efficient and transparent work to apply the civil pension law in order to achieve social stability and happiness for generations.


  • Innovation and Creativity: We adopt innovation and instill in our employees the culture of innovation, creativity practices, and creators encouragement. 
  • Teamwork: We believe that our success in achieving our message remains a direct reflection of our cooperation and a real result of our creative group performance.
  • Proficiency and Excellence: We confirm our commitment with the best management practices. We consider them our first choice in achieving our message and vision
  • Occupational Loyalty: We provide all the bases of occupational loyalty. We work all around the clock to gain the hearts and minds of our employees and workers.
  • Transparency and Credibility: We provide all the necessary information for everybody with all clarity transparency and credibility. We adhere with all our decisions.
  • Customer Happiness: Well behaving with all the customers and employees to achieve the beneficiaries happiness from all the services by providing distinguished and creative services.

Strategic Objectives

  • Guaranteeing the sustainability of the Authority resources and the best investment and development of its assets.
  • Guaranteeing the provision of disnguished retirement services.
  • Guaranteeing the provision of all the administrative services in accordance with the best quality, efficiency and transparency.
  • Consolidating the innovation culture in the institutional work environment.

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