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Strategic Plan


A pioneering, distinguished, and sustainable pension scheme by the best international retirement practices.


Providing innovative, efficient and transparent pension services to achieve social stability and financial sustainability.


  • Innovate and Create: Working towards introducing unique and creative ideas is an ongoing process at GPSSA while playing a pivotal role in catering to the needs of different age groups. 
  • Teamwork: We believe that together as a team we are stronger and more effective. We cannot serve our customers the way we do without all the team being involved.
  • Proficiency and Excellence: We do not settle for less than what our customers deserve, which is why we recruit skilled and competent employees who work diligently to ensure our customers are always content.
  • Occupational Loyalty: We chose to partner steadily with all our stakeholders (including our employees), because we consider their social well-being, security, stability, and comfort that of our own.
  • Transparency and Credibility: The information we provide is clear, timely, and accessible. We always commit to our stakeholders and the public to provide valuable information.
  • Customer Happiness: Keeping our customers continuously satisfied with our services is our ultimate goal at GPSSA, and we would never settle for otherwise.

Strategic Goals

  • Enhance partnerships, and create a digital, collaborative, and flexible work environment that integrates with government and private sectors ecosystems
  • Develop a pension social security scheme that supports the operational and financial stability and sustainability
  • Attract and empower talent, provide efficient and effective internal services and digital infrastructure
  • Promote innovative practices that are rooted in flexibility, proactivity, and readines

Main objectives

  • Optimize pension services to achieve the highest standards of customer experience
  • Provide distinguished services that are in line with the aspirations of the citizens and UAE’s National Agenda
  • Enhance pension and social security awareness to encourage a proactive culture for financial planning and prolonged years of service
  • Enhance the Authority’s operations to be efficient and effective in accordance with best practices and customer expectations



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