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Year of Giving Initiatives at the General Pension and Social Security Authority

In line with UAE’s President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, declaration of 2017 as the Year of Giving, the General Pension and Social Security Authority is committed to engage its employees to implement projects and initiative in an effort to embed the values of philanthropy and altruism in UAE community.

GPSAA organized several brainstorming sessions in order to generate ideas and to launch initiatives and projects that aims to raise the level of social responsibility, promote a culture of volunteerism and embed the virtue of serving the nation in the society. 


In line with the goals highlighted at the Year of Giving initiative's official website , the Year of Giving team at GPSSA is working to implement the activities according to the set goals: 

  • Enhancing the contribution of private sector companies and establishments in development projects through CSR initiatives, so that the private sector in the UAE would be a major partner with the public sector in the holistic development process
  • Promoting a culture of volunteerism by introducing innovative volunteer opportunities that serve all sectors in the society
  • Entrenching the values of serving the nation with the responsibility of the individual and the enrichment of the community
  • Increasing the role of humanitarian organizations in the development sector and upgrading their performance
  • Developing a legislative system that regulates philanthropy
  • Strengthening the role of the media in supporting philanthropic initiatives as the media is a key partner in promoting culture and social values, including CSR, volunteerism, and serving the nation, all of which are integral pillars of the Year of Giving

Events and Activities

In line with Year of Giving strategy, the members of “The Year of Giving Team” have organized several activities and initiatives: 

  • Blood Donation Day: Considering the benefits of the blood donation process and its contribution  to saving the lives of thousands of patients who need blood transfusion. “The Year of Giving Team” have cooperated with Dubai Blood Donation Center for a Blood donation day on the 23rd May 2017. 
  • International Labor Day: GPSSA distributed gifts to all GPSSA workers thanking them for their efforts 
  • Organizing Iftar: GPSSA employees participated in organizing Ifar on the 7th June 2017 at  Sheikh Zayed Mosque in collaboration   with the Emirates Red Crescent. 

In the occasion of “Year of Giving”, the GPSSA launched “O seeker of the good; come near!” Initiative in which the Authority staff contributed to provide Iftar for 500 fasting people in cooperation with Dar Al Bar Association, which in turn supervised on the 



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