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Digital participation

The concept of e-Participation is based on activating the role of the public in the services improvement process and participation in decision-making; which can be achieved through the public's feedback, suggestions and observations received via official electronic participation tools provided by the Authority.

Stemming from a genuine keenness of the Authority to enable the public to exercise that right, and believing in the constructive role undertaken by clients in the development of the services provided by the Authority and in continuously improving its performance, thus helping in achieving their happiness and increase their satisfaction, The Authority provides the following e-participation tools:

Audience behavior

While the Authority deals with great interest with the clients' constructive contributions to achieve clients' happiness and satisfaction, the Authority calls upon the public to abide by positive behavior and not to publish any content that:

  • Is considered immodest.
  • Is perceived as disrespectful to religions and sacred rituals in any way.
  • Stirs up sectarian strife.
  • Includes cultural or ethnic racism hints

Supervising the Website

We are keen to provide all necessary information to all users with absolute transparency and credibility and we welcome all suggestions, observations and complaints through the various available ways, especially through electronic channels available through this website or via any official website of the Authority on the Internet. 

Furthermore, GPSSA ensures that electronic participation is available to all users in both Arabic and English languages and that it is committed to considering all submissions seriously and presenting them to the relevant departments for any necessary action.
However, the Authority is fully entitled to delete any content that:

  • Contains inappropriate language.
  • A security threat to.
  • Violates the privacy of others.
  • Promotes trade.
  • Violates the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Includes political discussions.
  • Undermines incitement, defamation, slander or harassment of leaders, state symbols, or anyone.
  • Affects the security of the State and the sovereignty of national unity.
  • Violates intellectual property rights.

Have any queries? Please contact us through your favorite contact channel listed on our Contact Us page.

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