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This page includes a glossary of general terms used on this website with their definitions.

Terms Definitions
A federal, local governmental, or private entity/company, establishment, or business that hires Emiratis for their services
Insured (Contributor) An Emirati that is subject to the provisions of the federal law on pension and social security
Pensioner An Emirati who ends his/her service with an employer and is eligible for a monthly pension salary, according to the provisions of the law
Beneficiary Individual or individuals entitled to a share of the pension after the death of an insured individual or pensioner
Insurance Protection Extension System (for GCC nationals)
This system enables a Gulf national working outside of his/her own country, yet still employed in a GCC country, to enjoy insurance protection as if he/she were working in their own home country
Self-Employed This includes Emirati entrepreneurs who run commercial, industrial or agricultural activities. The law requires him/her to register in the commercial registration or any other applicable official record
Professional Emiratis whose profession relies upon their expertise such as doctors, engineers, accountants and any other profession that requires the issuance of a license from a specialized body  
Insurance Benefits The benefits that are entitled to pensioners and contributors as per the provisions of the law, mainly the end-of-service benefits and pension
End of Service Refers to the end-of-service benefits/award that the contributor is entitled to at the end of his/her service period with an employer/entity
Salary of Subscription Calculation The salary that is used to calculate the contribution rate
Pension Calculation Salary The salary that is used to calculate the insurance benefits


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