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Customer Happiness Centers


Additional services provided by GPSSA at customer happiness centers

  • Allocation of Parking Areas for Customers

    For the scarcity of parking areas in the vicinity of the Authority, the Authority allocated its external parking areas in front of the headquarters in Abu Dhabi for customers of determination and old citizens and customers.

  • Paths for People of Determination

    The building of the Authority supports the people of determination who use wheelchairs for entry and exit. It also allocated guiding paths for the blind to help them walk without obstacles.

  • Allocation of Seating Areas

    The Authority provides seating areas for women and others for men, with a partition wall for privacy.

  • Hospitality Service

    The Authority provides visitors with hot drinks, Arabic coffee, and dates. The visitors to the building of the Authority also enjoy the necessary calm when conducting their transactions.

  • Wi-Fi Service

    Providing free access to the Internet.

  • Kiosk

    The device allows customers to pay the utility bills to the service authorities in the state, such as electricity, water, communications, parking areas, salik, etc.

  • ATM

    In cooperation with Emirates NBD, the Authority allocated an ATM adjacent to its external entrance, to help customers conduct their financial transactions when needed, taking into account that all transactions of the Authority at the Customer Happiness Centers are free of charge.

  • Fazaa Card

    Through the Customer Happiness Centers, the retirees and beneficiaries of the Pension Authority and the civilian and military retirees and beneficiaries of the Ministry of Finance, whose financial affairs are managed by the Authority, can obtain Fazaa Card from the Authority with their national ID.

Additional services provided by the call center

  • Data Update Service Via Video Call

    By calling the Service Center at 80010 or through the complaints and suggestions service, customers can request data update via video call.

  • Automatic Redial Service

    The call system allows customers either to continue waiting for the call answer or to redial.


  • Complaints and Suggestions Service

    The service allows customers to submit all complaints and suggestions, which take their course to the Customer Happiness Unit, which follows up on them or submits suggestions to the concerned department at the Authority.

  • Instant Chat Service

    This service allows customers to have an instant chat with the concerned person of the Authority to answer any inquiry. This alternative is available when it is not possible to reach the call center.

  • Visitor Service

    The service allows customers to request a visit for updating data from home



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