Personal Data:

Name: Ali Mohammed Abdollah Al Naboodah

Place of Residence: Sharjah

Marital Status: Married

Academic Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in (Geography – Administrative Sciences) – the UAE University – 1989
  2. Honorary Doctorate in Human Resources Management from the American Academy of Specialized Studies


  1. Head of Human Resources Department, National Information Council (Emirates News Agency).
  2. Promoted from a trainer in the Institute of Administrative Development in Dubai then a head of the Department of Training Means and Activities and then a head of the Department of Public Relations.
  3. Head of the Training and Lifelong Education Policies Department of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

Management & Memberships:

  1. Executive Director of the Arab Federation of Trainers and Training Organizations.
  2. Founder and General Manager of Seven Star Center for Consoltancy and Training in Dubai.
  3. Founder and General Manager of Seven Star Center for Consoltancy in Sharjah.
  4. Founding member of the Arab Federation of Trainers and Training Organizations.
  5. Founding member of the Union of Arab Trainers.
  6. Member of the editorial board of the magazine of excellence issued by the Institute of Administrative Development.
  7. Member of the Remote Training Committee in the General Secretariat of the GCC from 2007 to 2009
  8. Member of the Supreme Support Committee for the Performance Management System in the Federal Government – 2011 and 2012

Management Skills:

Management of meetings / management of seminars / management of crisis / editing and publishing magazines / management of exhibitions / development of training strategies and plans

Courses Provided under my Supervision:

Interpersonal Skills / Management of Priorities / Skills of Dealing with the Public / Excellence in Customer Service / Creativity and Innovation in Problem Solving / Communication Skills / Business Ethics / Road to Leadership / Management Skills / Women Leadership / Performance Management / Role of Human Resources in Employee Happiness / Creativity and Excellence in Employee Happiness / Tolerance is Your Way to Happiness / Secrets of Business Principles / Life Fun Starts from Retirement / Happiness Keys / How to Shine After Retirement / Performance Appraisal and Linking the Career Track to the Training Track.


  1. UAE Government Leadership Program 2011.
  2. Performance Management System in the Federal Government.
  3. Training and Development System in the Federal Government.
  4. Masaar Program in the Federal Government.
  5. Supervision and follow-up program for the rehabilitation of job seekers.

Honors & Awards:

  1. Sharjah Award for Volunteer Work 2007
  2. Obtain the degree of excellence in the program of preparing and qualifying trainers for the years 2003 to 2007 from the Institute of Administrative Development
  3. Obtain a significantly higher appraisal than 2014.
  4. Distinguished employee category in 2009 and 2010 from the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.
  5. Outstanding projects category in 2011 from the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.
  6. First prize for the Certified Trainer Advisor from the Union of Arab Trainers (2016).

Participations & Efforts:

  1. Supervision on the annual report of the Institute of Administrative Development for the years 2003 to 2007.
  2. Participation in the Emirates Expo Pavilion – Milan 2015
  3. Participation in self-development workshops in Sabah Al Dar (Abu Dhabi TV) 2017
  4. Publication of Ishraqat Sharjah, the first, second and third issue.
  5. Supervision on the Institute of Administrative Development Pavilion in several exhibitions.
  6. Participation in the Public Relations Committee at the first, second, third and fourth Arab Youth Forum in Sharjah.
  7. Provision of many volunteer programs

From Your Point Of View As A Self-Development Trainer, Where Does The Subject Start?

The matter starts from discovering the abilities at an early stage and there are institutions concerned with this matter. The first of which is the family for its important role in the process of socialization, which involves the discovery of the abilities of children at early stages and guidance to the right direction, in order to exploit and develop them in the future. Here, I emphasize on an important point, which is the need not to confess the right of children to change the track. Naturally, all our life affairs can be changed according to the change of environment and lifestyle from time to time. With the steady growth of the technology world, we are talking about the disappearance of many jobs and the emergence of other kinds of jobs, which requires more diversity and transformation in family roles from focusing on discovering abilities to being incubators of innovation.

What Advice Can Be Given To Young People In Their Race To Success?

It is possible that we will not succeed in reaching a goal that we seek to achieve, but this is not the end of the matter, and let us take an example. Let us assume that a student in the final stage of high school has set a goal of studying a specialty in medicine, and has not been able to get the assessment that qualifies him for this specialty, and has been forced to enroll into another specialty … Some here may give up … But those who think in a proper way will see that not enrolling into this specialty may be a big problem for him, but not as much as the lack of excellence in the other specialty he enrolled into.

What Is Your Assessment Of Success And Error?

Success and error are relative things that are considered compared to the size of the objectives observed and expected to achieve. There are those who suffer from self-inflation because of success without knowing that life is a continuous journey of learning, and there are those who make the error the end of the world. I believe that those who succeeded in making achievements have to look forward to achieving more of them, and those who did not succeed to achieve their goals has not to say I committed error but to say I learnt. If the goal of learning is to reach the right things, we must pass through errors to learn, where all achievements reached by humanity were the resolt of the attempt. Edison invented the lamp after 1000 attempts, and Napoleon, when was asked about the secret of his success, said "If the soldier told me that he coold not do a thing, I tell him to try and if he said that he did not know, I tell him to learn, and he said it was impossible, I tell him to try".

What Do You Say About Work Love and Life Love?

Work from my point of view is life … When people say welcome to Thursday, I say welcome to Sunday … Sitting at home does not come okay at all where the blessing of life is in getting up early and going to work. Thanks God that we find work that help us to afford our lives, and we shall remember those who are looking for half of your chance, so do not sell what you own for what you do not own. You now have health, strength and vitality, so why do you think of replacing it with ill health, lethargy, laziness and extreme emptiness.

From Your Point Of View, What Is The Reason For The Failure To Work?

The absence of the system … Whenever a person has a plan, vision and a system for his life, he will not have time to do all the tasks required, but do not plan and follow the system and then see what your life will be. I woold like to point out that this system does not require being complicated but a simple daily plan makes your life different.

Some persons may work but complain about injustice so they do not work hard

Life is never free of adversities. So let us consider that this is part of the difficolties in life in general that require patience and reward for God, and we must look to work for a homeland for which we want progress and prosperity.

Your Advice to Retirees

Retirement is another life so we either make it a period of vitality, activity and work or make it foll of difficolties and problems, and we of course do not want problems. Whereas we are simply looking for happiness and thinking about how to spread it to those around us, which comes from the way we prepare for this period and the impressions that we have about it, I say that these impressions may be good for some and risky for others. At the end, you are the decision maker in what you woold like your life to be in the future.