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This website includes valuable information to employers, contributors (insured employees), pensioners, UAE citizens in general and GCC citizens working in UAE.

Information is categorized as per the needs of GPSSA’s target audience, as follows:

• Home page: This is the default page of the website and it includes important information, such as Latest News, links to internal sections and pages of the website, in addition to e-services like tracking the status of a specific service request from the home page directly.

• About GPSSA: This section includes general information about GPSSA, such as the organization structure, board of directors, executive management and the Chairman’s statement.

• Strategy: This section includes the vision, mission and statement, the values and strategic objectives of the General Pension and Social Security Authority. 

• Pension Law: Through this section, visitors can view the Pension Law and its amendments.

• Statistics: This section includes statistics of beneficiaries and pensioners.

 Media Center: This section is an active section providing dynamic information to visitors. It includes latest news and an archive of all press releases issued by GPSSA, in addition to Public Announcements, Publications and a Multi-Media Gallery.

• Careers: Through this section, candidates looking for job can view the list of active job postings, and apply for the desired position instantly through the online application form dedicated for this purpose.

• FAQs: This section includes the answers to questions frequently asked by customers dealing with GPSSA.

• Contact us: This section provides visitors with all contact and location details of GPSSA offices in the UAE.

• Important Links: This section includes links to websites that we relevant to GPSSA’s scope of work.

 e-Services: This website includes a list of e-Services offered through the e-Portal of the General Pension and Social Security Authority. Visitors of this website can log into the e-Portal directly and utilize the available services as per the permissions assigned to them.

For more details and for assistance, please feel free to contact us through the contact methods highlighted in this page, Contact us.​



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