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Jassim Hassan Mohammed Abbas


Academic Qualifications

Diploma in Professional Management

Professional Profile and Experience

  • Director of HR Department in Ras Al Khaimah Co. For White Cement & Construction Materials (RAKWCCM) 
  • Has worked with RAKWCCM for 30 years since 1986 until retirement.  
  • In your opinion, what are the secrets of success for workers in this field? 
  • The human dimension in the life of workers should be taken into consideration to achieve better productivity  
  • Hiring qualified and experienced staff saves much time, effort and money for companies  
  • Training is one of the most important supporting elements to overcome the lack of skilled workers.
  • Risk mitigation in work environment reduces bad effects left by certain industries on workers 
  • Learning from world practices in industries saves time, effort and money.  
  • Work environment is of no less impact than that of the financial and nominal incentives. 

In cement industry, we deal with simple workers so keep smiling at them. 

Major Challenges

The main challenge that I had to face as an HR Director was to recruit national human resources to work for our company and keep them while there was no social security coverage before the establishment of the General Pension and Social Security Authority which started to cover workers in both public and private sectors in 1999. In addition, most private companies were keen to attract low-paid workers, so it was a challenge for us to persuade the administration to recruit national high-salaried talents. National workforce reached 25% of the factory's operational capacity.
Decision that changed your course of life

Retirement… It is usually a difficult decision, but there are internal or external factors that lead to take such decision. In my opinion, it is critical to stick to the moral values and code of ethics in your job especially if you are an HR worker for a good reason: you are the main link between the administration and employees. If this link is so weak that it can tolerate any prejudice to the rights of either party, this can significantly affect the productivity of this institution.    

Humanitarian projects adopted in your work

  • At a time when social security is not compulsory, our HR department cooperated with the senior management to obtain a medical insurance coverage for workers, providing them with medicine and medical supplies through the company clinic established to take care of workers' health.    
  • An annual ceremony is conducted to honor employees. There was no specific standard for recognition, so all workers were honored as one team. However, special recognition was also available for talented, well-mannered and devoted workers.   
  • Entertainment programs were developed for company workers on costs-covered basis including sports competitions and sightseeing trips across the UAE cities to meet the culture and features of the country they work at and give eyewitness testimony.     
  • Create a restaurant that provides a well-balanced meal at a cheap price of one dirham for those who were paid one thousand dirham in salary and two for those who were paid two thousand dirhams, etc. For those who receive salaries above 5 thousand dirhams, the meal will cost them five dirhams. The management supported this project as it had a positive impact on the work environment.    
  • Provide a manual in several languages describing the workers' journey from the first day at work, detailing their rights and obligations so that they do not need to ask anybody to know anything about such detailsز
  • Expand the company's agricultural land as green areas are proven to have a positive impact on oxygen ratio in the air and create an appropriate and eye-friendly environment.  
  • To train young newcomers, we established a training center that contributed to introduce a paradigm shift in skills and many young trainees are still employed by the company.
  • The company had adopted a policy to recruit relatives of the retirees in gratitude. This created a big family with extended good social relationships.   
  • To whom you give your advice
  • I would like to advise state regulators to tighten the controls over institutions operating in areas with impact on the public health and draw their attention to that all procedures and arrangements in place should observe and be consistent with the world-class specifications to protect the health of workers.     
  • I would like to advise the supervising authorities of the implementation of the labor law to review many applicable laws because they are developed long years ago and are no longer compatible with the developments in the current modern business environment.   
  • Advice for Youth:  You should develop your abilities to meet excellence standards you need to land yourself a job. In the private sector, in particular, the job opportunities are subject to supply and demand and are usually dependent on having the best skills. This means that the lower attention you pay to the development of such skills, the less chances you have to get the job.       
  • Pensioner Advice:  Discover yourselves through change… Change is necessary and can open new horizons for you in your life. This can only be achieved at this stage as this new vibrant, active and free life which helps you to discover the real you. So, you should deal with this period as if it is a journey at your middle age.       



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