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GPSSA organizes a proactive retirement planning seminar attended by Emiratis over age of 45

26 July 2023

GPSSA organizes a proactive retirement planning seminar attended by Emiratis over age of 45

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 26 July 2023:  In efforts to highlight the importance of preparing for a secure and sustainable retirement, the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has organized a seminar entitled: “Proactive Retirement Planning”, attended by over 100 insured Emiratis aged 45 and above.

The seminar focused on the importance of proactive financial planning prior to retirement, given the anticipation of increase in obligations, priorities and income alterations faced by most people these days, in addition to growing financial responsibilities related to lifestyle, as well as family affairs and children - all factors that require proper financial planning.

With the right type of fiscal knowledge and a positive mindset prior, during, and pre-retirement stage, individuals can cope with sudden financial requirements, especially during unexpected circumstances, such as being terminated from a job unexpectedly or retiring earlier than anticipated. The seminar covered the different methods of budget planning and monthly expenditures, emphasizing the importance of taking advantage of surplus savings when available.  

Some of the best banking techniques to learn and bank offers to take advantage of, while avoiding potential risks, were also highlighted during the event with emphasis on savings, investments, financial offers, loans, credit cards and more. 

It is possible to achieve a well-balanced comfortable lifestyle for an insured and his/her family members given that individuals invest their time and efforts in understanding the financial market, learning from GPSSA’s useful advice, and attending related seminars on financial planning and retirement. 

GPSSA launches regular campaigns and offers useful practical tips throughout the year to encourage Emiratis to invest in whichever way they feel is sustainable such as managing a medium to large investment plan that offers returns with the right type of mindset and knowledge. Seminars such as this motivates Emiratis over the age of 45 to prepare for the future wisely by making wise financial decisions to secure their future.



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