• Youth Council

Youth Empowerment Framework

  1. The UAE's Youth

    Today, youth represent the largest demographic in the UAE with nearly 50 percent of the UAE population aged between 15 to 35.  This is the largest number of young people to transition to adulthood in the country's history. A large segment of these young people serve the UAE by working in various federal government authorities, with more than 600 of them holding leadership positions in these authorities. Youth play a pivotal role in supporting the nation's march during the next 50 years and achieving the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071. Therefore, it is important to develop an ideal environment that motivates young people to excel and contribute positively to building the nation at the economic and societal level.
  1.  What is youth empowerment?

    Youth empowerment is an ongoing process aimed at amplifying youth's voices and contributions, equipping them with skills and opportunities to grow, and promoting their meaningful participation in key decision-making processes.

    Youth empowerment can be addressed through policies, procedures, and initiatives that encourage open communication with youth, recognize their contributions, develop their capabilities, support and guide them, as well as provide them with opportunities to progress, expand their responsibilities, and fulfil their purpose.


  1. What is the importance of youth empowerment?
  1. Innovation: Empowering youth is a valuable source for obtaining new ideas and different points of views, which will help in achieving the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071. Supporting and consolidating different opinions allows government authorities to develop their current performance and drive government excellence to unprecedented levels
  2. Productivity: Empowered youth are committed and motivated, and thus more productive. This increase in youth productivity helps entities achieve more impact and value for their strategic objectives and the broader vision of the nation
  3. Communication: Empowering young people makes them proactive in establishing relationships and strong ties with other stakeholders in and outside the entities in which they work, and this in turn strengthens relationships, communication and cooperation between authorities in order to achieve common goals
  4. Leadership: Empowering youth builds their ambition, enhances their attention on goals and encourages them to invest in developing leadership skills and capabilities that prepare them for the future towards achieving the UAE Centennial Plan 2071 


Establish a pioneering model by empowering GPSSA's youth and building their capability in anticipating the future



Enhance the participation of youth and build a stimulating and developmental environment to support their competences using best practices



  • Unlock potentials and capabilities amongst youth
  • Empower young people with field experiences provided by youth councils
  • Support experiences and talent prevalent amongst GPSSA's youth
  • Raise the level of social responsibility amongst GPSSA's employees

  • National belonging: Instill the values of the late Sheikh Zayed and support the spirit of loyalty and commitment to the nation
  • Teamwork: We believe that we are one team whose goal is to serve the community
  • Creativityand Innovation: We always strive to adopt new and innovative ideas
  • Ambition: We believe that there is no place for impossibilities and we always look forward for the best
  • Positive: We look at the future with enthusiasm, passion and desire to achieve more