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Self-Employed Overview

Insurance is optional


• Employer: UAE nationals owning a business or performing an activity that he or she considers as a profession and which employs workers.

• Self employed: UAE nationals who practice a commercial, industrial or agricultural activity; which the law requires him or her to register in the commercial register or any other applicable official record.

• Professional: UAE nationals whose profession relies upon their expertise such as doctors, engineers, accountants and the like and any other profession that requires issue of a license from a specialized body.  

Registration Conditions:

  • Age range between (21) and (55) years.
  • Not to be registered with the employer.
  • Not to be a retirement pensioner.

Income Segments:

The contributions for the above mentioned categories are calculated according to their income bracket and the contribution percentage as specified in the tables below:  

Monthly Income

(AED) Number  (AED) Number  (AED) Number

Percentage of Monthly Contributions Per Age Group

% Contributions Age bracket # % Contributions Age bracket #
25%From 46 - 50 years old 620%From 21 - 25 years old 1
26%From 51 - 55 years old 721%From 26 - 30 years old 2
27%From 56 - 60 years old 822%From 21 - 25 years old 3
30%From 61 - 65 years old 923%From 31 - 35 years old 4
-----------------------24%From 36 - 40 years old 5

Segments Amendment:

The insured may request an amendment to the monthly income bracket in order to move to the direct next higher bracket provided that he/she spends 5 years in the same income bracket if he/she is 50 years old and 3 years if he/she is less than that age.  

Insurance Benefits:

1. If the insured reaches the age of 65 and completes a minimum of 20 years’ service; even if he/she is still carrying on their activities.

  • Pension is calculated on 70% of the pensionable salary for 20 years.
  • Pension increases 2% for every additional year to reach a maximum of 100% of the pensionable salary.

2. If the insured became disabled and could not fully perform his/her activity subject to the medical committee confirming the disability.

  • Pension is calculated on 60% of the pensionable salary for a period of 15 years of service.
  • Pension increases 2% every additional year to reach a maximum of 100% of the pensionable salary. 

3. In the event of death, the pension is paid to beneficiaries in accordance with the provisions of the law.

End of Service Gratuity Entitlement:

The insured receives this if he/she is not entitled to a pension salary and provided that the period of service is not less than one year. The gratuity is calculated as follows:

  • The salary of one month and a half for each year of participation for the first five years.
  • The salary of two months for each year of participation for the following five years.
  • The salary of three months for each additional year. 

Pension and Gratuity Calculations:
Income segments average for the last five years of service or the entire service years if it was less than five years.   



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