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IT Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:
Manage the IT Department with all IT related activities and responsibilities throughout the organization. Implement long term IT strategy for GPSSA that involves the acquisition of the optimum required technology including the choice of Hardware, Operating System platforms, replacements or upgrades of existing applications and the development of a comprehensive set of policies and procedures based on industry best practices to help manage those systems.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
1) Develop and maintain IT policies and procedures.
2) Manage the IT budget of the organization.
3) Develop the annual business plan and operating budget for the department.
4) Manage the IT department to make sure that all IT Hardware and Software and the whole IT infrastructure of the company are well maintained.
5) Maintain the company’s IT security and confidentiality of IT data.
6) Manage and coordinate all major IT projects including resources and timelines.
7) Manage the IT staff and their development within the company.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:
•Bachelor’s degree of Science / Master Degree in Information Technology
•8 years functional experience out of which 3 years should be in an equivalent Middle Management position.

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