Personal data

Place of residence: Dubai

Marital Status: Married

Scientific certificates:

Educational qualification diploma – Specialization: Arabic language

Professional Background

- An Arabic language teacher for 16 years in a school

Reconciliation of work and family life is a difficult task ... How did you deal with this challenge?

In fact, we have lived in two eras; the first one in which the State sought to establish the position of women in society, where it supported her opportunities to get education in order to rely on and benefit from her capabilities in the service of the development process that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan initiated. He believed in the capabilities of women and her role. This effort was strengthened by the support of the mother of the Emirates, Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and the High Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation, to enhance these efforts. Consequently, we were giving serious consideration to these efforts and trying with all our strength to face all challenges, in order to demonstrate the women`s deserving of this support and great confidence in them. Then the second era came, in which women's empowerment was initiated by our good government led by the President of the State, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may Allah protect him, his brothers His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may Allah preserve him, and his brother His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Currently, as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, when we talked about the empowerment of women, that: "We enable society through women." This thought in itself is an extra motivation for women to complete their career with pride and confidence.

Education .. Is it a profession full of hardship or passion?

Education may be a hard profession, yes .. but when you deal with it on the basis that you provide great services to society and create generous and educated generations capable of achieving the future visions and aspirations of the homeland, you will then feel the value of the effort you made. Therefore, the issue should not be considered only from the perspective of the effort exerted, along with putting away the great outcomes that the teacher provides to his community. Here, I would like to indicate an important point, that the integration of the educational institutions mission helps the educational process succeed in performing its roles. By this I mean the role of the family and the rest of the components from which the child learns the values, traditions, customs and heritage of society.

This takes us to talk about the roles that must be present if we want a successful educational process that achieves its goals?

Yes .. there are various roles that are very important to the success of this system; the first of which is the role of the family that should be concerned with the child-rearing process from a young age and provide the child with social and psychological enabling environment, so that he can focus on the educational achievement process and benefit from the school returns. The environment is an influencing factor in the child's healthy growth and development, and I think that the school provides addition, but the base lies in the house.

But what if the family does not perform this role?

This takes us to talk about the role of the school and the teacher, as the family`s disregarding to play this role does not exempt the school or the teacher from performing their duties to correct the defect left by the first institution of education in society. The teacher with his morals is able to put the student on the right track…. Many teachers could have corrected behaviors in various educational levels. Therefore, I would like to express my opinion in this point that it is very important to have a psychosocial or social worker in every school; and this should be one of the main requirements for meeting the standards of the educational system in the country, because the social status of the student cannot be separated from his ability to continue his education. This important variable, if taken into account, may give birth to a lot of the cost arising from wasting and dropping out of education in our educational institutions.

To what extent are you satisfied with the educational process now?

There are undoubtedly great achievements in the level of education in the country. However, there are some notes I want to state here in order to promote this successful process; the first of which is the development of curricula so that our schools will not be mere platforms for knowledge without skills, and so that we can introduce graduates who are able to adapt to the requirements of the labor market in which skills have become the first criterion in competition for jobs. Therefore, I believe that the main consideration in the curricula should be given to quality over quantity, in order to refine the student's personality with skills in addition to knowledge, because some of the information that students receive are not much useful from them in their careers.

Second: The vocational education system must be revitalized and great attention must be given to it. Scientific skills of some students do not help them to study specializations, such as chemistry, physics, mathematics and others due to the individual differences between students. Hence, they refrain from completing their educational career. I see there is a need to create a parallel path of vocational education that accommodates those students whose skills are really required by society. Unfortunately, our society lacks professionals. We may not realize this value at the moment, although it may be a solution to some societal phenomena, such as dropping out of secondary education. In addition, technicians and professionals are indispensable for their services in any society.

Third: the addition of a subject on heritage .. I mean it is required to add a rich subject which is able to link generations with their past, present and future ... this subject should not be slight cultural information from here and there. We need to connect these generations with the values of society in order not to be affected by the currents of globalization cutting across societies. Sometimes the currents are out of control because they have all the components that affect today's generations. Technologies, applications, programs and other means of technology have invaded our world and are available in every home. The little boy becomes able to keep up with her father and mother in the latest games, and sometimes he even instructed them about the way they play. Therefore, I believe that teaching this subject somewhat protects this generation and makes them more closely related to the culture and heritage of his country.

How do you evaluate the role of Emirati women today?

Emirati women have a great imprint in our society, not from today, but from years ago. Women in the Emirates are by nature a working woman and are conscious and educated even if they did not get education in the past. By going back a little, we will notice that Emirati women were performing their own role and that of men together, as they took care of the home during the absence of men on the trips of hunting and searching for pearls, which extended for months at sea. This woman succeeded in filling the space left by the man. In spite of the difficult circumstances in which she was living, the woman believed in the importance of building an educated, intellectual and conscious female generation to achieve what she was unable to accomplish due to the nature of the conditions in which she was living. A woman could provide her children with all the means that would enable them to continue their education and their career towards building their present and future. Today, we owe all the positions and centers we have reached to our mothers and fathers who sacrificed for the sake of making out reality better than theirs ... and we will remain beholden to throughout our lives. We keep reminding our children of their favor to us. If we were to go back in time, we will kiss their hands in the morning and evening, without being able to provide them with due thanks and appreciation because of their favors.

What role which should be taken into account considered seriously by a woman in today's world?

In today's world, there is no room except for science .. A woman must be familiar with all the different skills that enable her to preserve her children and their identity, and to maintain her house, husband and life. This leads us to the importance of saying that women should always pay attention to the development of themselves, so that they could be modern, new-fashioned and capable of being the woman of all times. Modernity is very important, because a person who remains in his place in today's world misses opportunities. Therefore, I believe that achieving the targets is a goal, but staying on the top and keeping pace with all life developments is a goal that should not be far from the woman's mind and heart.

The duality of men and women, how do you see it?

  As Sheikh Zayed, may he rest in peace, said that a woman is the partner and fellow of a man in struggle, and she assumes a great role in supporting him. On the other hand, a man should look at the woman as the mother, sister, wife, and daughter, because she represents everything to him. A woman has to place the man in the position he deserves, given that Allah has exclusively provided him with custodianship over her. Consequently, a woman must take care of her behaviors that are compatible with the nature and psychology of men, and know how to think to avoid any consequences that may affect relations between them, whether at home, work or in any other field.

Final messages you would like to direct to whom it may concern?

To retirees: I tell them you have to plan for the post-retirement phase and make a retirement decision after studying the financial conditions resulted from retirement decision later.

To the authorities responsible for education affairs: Benefiting from the experiences of retired experiences may be an important factor in enriching the educational process with the ideas of experienced people

To wives: You should not neglect your husbands 'rights in order to ensure the happiness of the family. The woman is always the big heart that bears, endures and sacrifices for the sake of family stability and survival.

To men: Allah has assigned you as a guardian, so do your best to care for your dependents and assume your responsibilities towards your families. The family is the pillar of this society and its stability is the stability of society as a whole.

To youth: Your homeland expects good from you…..  many hopes and aspirations are dependent on you for its continued rise, prosperity, and progress. You are the makers of the future and inspirer of change that begins with you and returns to you.